Time and Care for Your One Precious Life

Most women in midlife were raised to care for everyone around them but themselves.. We believe that it’s our duty to always take care of everything and for everyone at all times. Thus, making ourselves a priority many times doesn’t even occur or it is a last thought.

Growing up, many of us are raised to think that as women, we are responsible to put the well-being of others before our own. Many women I have spoken to believe it is selfish or self-absorbed to take time for self-care.

As women, we are capable of a lot of things. We are strong, brave, and born fighters. But we can only do so much. Our capabilities rely greatly on our physiological and emotional health and the care for our health. And if we do not see the importance of putting ourselves first, the consequences on our health can be severe.

There are many factors that some may say are hindering them to fully take the time to care for themselves. Lack of time, fear of being judged as selfish, lack of...

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