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Is This You?

Are you

  • Yearning for more and feeling lost with no purpose or dreams?

  • Experiencing the grief of your children moving on?

  • Riding the rollercoaster of feelings and a changing body from being peri-menopausal / menopausal?

  • Feeling lost, depressed and anxious about life?

  • Numbing yourself to how you feel by using food, alcohol or even screens for comfort?

  • Dealing with major family transitions like divorce or aging parents needing your care?

A Vital Life in Midlife? Yes You Can

It is possible to have a sense of well-being, creative purpose, and adventure.

Let me show you how.


Develop better skills to navigate the changes of feelings, body, and family at this time of your life


Develop more of your own purpose that helps you continue to have a meaningful life.


Discover and have a renewed sense of connection to your own creative nature and adventure.

"When I first reached out to Perry, I was very unhappy, extremely stressed out in midlife. I had a vicious, mean and demeaning voice inside myself that I listened to, every hour of every day of my life. My hope was to find a connection with a professional who could help guide me towards a more fulfilled and happy life.  Perry gave me the tools to do it. I let go of toxic relationships and things in my life that were bringing me down. I am a much healthier person today and have love for myself and a whole new life. Even writing that last sentence is a big deal for me. I have love for myself and I credit Perry entirely for her support and guidance in learning to do so.  "

B. W.

Want to take back control of your life? Come work with me

You can work one on one with me, immerse yourself in one of my online courses or join a community of women like you.


You can schedule a call for a more in depth private meeting

Let me support you now

Online courses

Immerse yourself in one of my online courses to guide and support you 

Start your journey now

Oxygen for Women Membership

This is an online private community to help you navigate the wild terrain of midlife

Navigate your way to a new life

"I was feeling depressed, anxious and unsure of myself. I had just decided to get a divorce and was feeling like the world was against me. I was hoping that Perry could help me find my confidence, my voice and gain stability in my life. Little did I know that Perry would help me uncover what was at the root of so many issues that had been going on throughout my entire life. "

S. C.

Perry Janssen

A licensed Psychotherapist, I've spent 30 years understanding and helping hundreds of women through life's many challenges. As a woman and mom/stepmom, I personally understand navigating this wild ride of midlife. Sometimes you can feel on your knees with the changes and other times it can feel like your hair is on fire. Kids becoming independent, your body moving with gravity, and feelings can be all over the map with hormones that can slap you in the face.

Don't suffer in silence come and join me in creating the new you.

Hi! I'm Perry Janssen

Ihelp women navigate the wild terrain of midlife and make their lives come back together through my podast membership group or through indivdual one on one coaching.


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