Hi, Lovely to meet you!

I'm Perry your Personal Growth Coach & Mentor

I have been a passionate enthusiast of all things personal growth and have been an integrative psychotherapist/coach/mentor for over 32 years.

We live in a wild, messy, and beautiful world. The problem is we didn’t get a map to navigate this wild terrain. Women have their own unique life challenges from self-sacrifice, burnout, societal, dysfunctional patriarchal, & personal oppressive standards, body pressures, and a crisis of self-care. 
But how do we deal with all these things? You have come to the right place. I educate and coach people on everything emotional intelligence and psychological fitness and well-being. This is the education we needed the most and didn’t get. Our emotional health affects our bodies, happiness, mood, relationships, quality of life and our ability to be vitally alive.

My Specialties are: Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Somatic & Neuropsychology, Western & Eastern Psychologies, and Couples/Relationship Expert

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Hi, Lovely to meet you!

I'm Perry your  Awesome XYZ Mentor & Friend 

 [Your Title] turned Kajabi [Your new Title]. I still do this, and this and this, but I absolutely fell in Love with [this]. People loved my stuff so much that they began asking me to help them with their [Your Specialty]. I joined a [Xyz  Certification Program] , [excelled in all the core competencies], and here I am ready to serve you and to help you [do what they want to do]  with ease!

My Specialties are: This and this and this and this

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 Oxygen For Women Collective

Healing, Empowerment, EQ, Psychological Fitness
Oxygen For Women Collective is opening soon! Pop yourself on the waitlist. I'm going to be offering monthly masterclasses that deal with stuck patterns, difficult emotions, boundaries, self-sacrifice, relationships, and the negative inner Greek chorus and so much more. Alongside, you will learn all kinds of amazing tools that help heal, transform and breakfree. From somatic, mindfulness & creative practices, to psychoeducation, live Q&As and so much more, you will have an amazing toolbox to navigate life.


 Break free of inner limitations & toxic societal standards.