Navigating Emotional Intelligence and Feelings

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) could be something new to many as we are not effectively taught how to deal with our emotions when we were young. 

This is a very important factor in our lives because we deal with different emotions and feelings everyday. These emotions are present in our relationships, career, hobbies, and in many other avenues of our life.

How does having emotional intelligence let you enjoy your life? 

If learn how to process our feelings, we can move through pain and other emotions that create suffering as well as deepen our capacity to experience more of the feelings we enjoy. When we repress, deny, or numb our feelings it limits our ability to feel more of the emotions that we love.

Feelings and emotions are not only psychologically felt but they can trigger a lot of things that can be physically present in our body. People deal with emotions in a variety of ways.  Everything from thinking about other issues, avoidance, denial, using numbing vices...

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