Time and Care for Your One Precious Life

Most women in midlife were raised to care for everyone around them but themselves.. We believe that it’s our duty to always take care of everything and for everyone at all times. Thus, making ourselves a priority many times doesn’t even occur or it is a last thought.

Growing up, many of us are raised to think that as women, we are responsible to put the well-being of others before our own. Many women I have spoken to believe it is selfish or self-absorbed to take time for self-care.

As women, we are capable of a lot of things. We are strong, brave, and born fighters. But we can only do so much. Our capabilities rely greatly on our physiological and emotional health and the care for our health. And if we do not see the importance of putting ourselves first, the consequences on our health can be severe.

There are many factors that some may say are hindering them to fully take the time to care for themselves. Lack of time, fear of being judged as selfish, lack of...

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Navigating Emotional Intelligence and Feelings

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) could be something new to many as we are not effectively taught how to deal with our emotions when we were young. 

This is a very important factor in our lives because we deal with different emotions and feelings everyday. These emotions are present in our relationships, career, hobbies, and in many other avenues of our life.

How does having emotional intelligence let you enjoy your life? 

If learn how to process our feelings, we can move through pain and other emotions that create suffering as well as deepen our capacity to experience more of the feelings we enjoy. When we repress, deny, or numb our feelings it limits our ability to feel more of the emotions that we love.

Feelings and emotions are not only psychologically felt but they can trigger a lot of things that can be physically present in our body. People deal with emotions in a variety of ways.  Everything from thinking about other issues, avoidance, denial, using numbing vices...

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The Major Benefits of Meditation


Meditation is one of the key tools that I have used both personally and professionally as a psychotherapist.

I know..many say that they can't meditate..that it is too hard, too boring, or they don't understand why it is so beneficial for both psychological and physical health. I read an article recently about a study that showed that midlife adults who meditated regularly had the brain comparable to a 25 year old. That is significant.

In my experience I have used mediation to work with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional eating issues, addiction, couples counseling and communication.

I understand personally that meditation in the beginning can be challenging. Some traditions call the beginning "monkey mind."  But there are a variety of mediations. I use creative meditations and mindfulness, moving meditations, as well as meditations that are designed for this century and all that we grapple with. 

Mediation has been scientifically proven to extend your life span...

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You are a Divine Spark and Full of Potential

You are a Divine Spark.  Yeah, I know you may have heard something like this before and are may be tuning it out. All that stuff about realizing your potential, thinking out of the box, and finding your bliss can sound like the Charlie Brown teacher say wah wah wah wah in the midst of the craziness of life.  The amount of life coaches and cheerleaders trying to wake everyone up is like Starbucks in Seattle. We are everywhere.  So why listen to this?

While there are many people who are alive and living more and more of their potential, a large portion are not.  I see all around me how we block, numb, anesthetize, compartmentalize, reject, tune out, stuff, swallow, distract, judge, compare, psychologize, sedate, and work ourselves to the point we can’t really see, hear, taste, smell, sense, experience, or express who we really are. Or we think we can enjoy life when we retire or on the weekends. Scary.  I heard a quote from a Carlos Castaneda book...

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