Your Dreams Matter More Than You Know

breakthrough dreams dreams matter health matters life matters Apr 23, 2022

I’m crazy passionate about a variety of things. For most of my life, the topics of psychology, art, writing, (basically all things creative) spirituality, health, love, and being an entrepreneur have been all-encompassing. I could build a house with all the books I have on each of those topics and fill it with all the workshops, courses, and degrees I’ve taken.

I’m also passionate about helping others in all of these areas. My clients and students over the years have fallen into at least one of those categories.

One of the themes that have run all of these years, is where people are blocked from creating their dreams. Many thought of becoming an artist of some sort, writing a book, creating work on their own terms, learning how to make Thai food… and then… (cue the Jaws music)…

We get all jammed up in our minds with self-doubt, second-guessing, perfectionism, analysis paralysis… need I say more…. ? Ugh!

Sadly, many get stuck and drop it and settle for something less than what is whispering, nagging, tugging, or screaming to the point depression, anxiety, numbing out, or just giving up takes over.

These challenges don’t have to stop you. In fact, you can be unstoppable in a healthy whole way and get through those dream suckers. Are you ready to move through what blocks you? Let’s do it together.

One of the main problems I see is that people are taught to put superficial bandages on problems that are just waiting to creep up and sabotage the path to actualizing our dreams. Finding the root causes (which are in our unconscious) and becoming aware of how it is activated is the beginning of releasing its grip on you. We have to get into the unconscious, otherwise, what’s underneath those bandages will roar its ugly head and swallow you up again and again.

After decades of seeing all the ways people have inner blocks or crashed and burned, I've developed a sharp eye for seeing what is specifically stopping or jamming them up from actualizing their calling, dreams, creative pursuits, and entrepreneurial aspirations.

 I've spent 30 years as a psychotherapist & coach helping people break through these challenges with so many living a life that feels in alignment with who they are and what they longed for. Feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, or numbing out transform when you are in true alignment with your calling. Your life matters. Your dreams matter. Your health matters.

I'd be happy to welcome you as a part of a hybrid course and coaching cohort if you want this too.

For more information, email me at [email protected]

More details will be coming in my newsletter as well with tips on how to move through these barriers in a healthy way.

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