The Shift for True Healing

feelings healing Feb 26, 2024
True Healing

I want to share with you a little mindset and heartset shift I had that changed the course of my own personal healing. 

I have always been passionate about personal growth, psychology, spirituality, and healing. Even when I was in grade school friends called me the little psychologist. I've been sensitive towards people's suffering my whole life. We end up on this planet that can be more incredible than imaginable. And it can be messy, traumatic, and painful. 

When I began my own healing journey, I was using the tools I learned to "get rid" of the pain. I didn't want to feel a certain way, I didn't want to be in a stuck pattern, and I didn't like parts of myself. And I realized somewhere along the way that I was using my personal growth pattern as a state of rejection. I was rejecting feelings, hurt, and trauma, by trying to "fix" myself, to "rid" myself of what I didn't want. 

This didn't work. While the tips were helpful, my education was insightful, trauma and hurt were deep in my cells and body. I was trying to heal by rejecting or putting some healing technique on top. But I learned how to go in deeper, gentler, more loving, and compassionate to listen to what these parts of me really needed.

If we are just learning techniques to help us, we may not truly be listening to what these hurting parts need to heal. Healing doesn't happen through rejection, shame, or "fixing." In my experience as a healer of 32 years, healing happens through the voice of the hurting part and through listening, attending, loving.

I understand no one wants to be in pain, trauma, stuckness and hurt. But if we are grasping for something, then we will miss what is really needed. Pain has something to say every time. Pain is calling you every time. 

I have felt not only the melting of contraction, and pain, stuck in myself by attuning to the inner voices but also a connection of knowing and emboding myself in deeper and deeper levels. Learning to hear, learning to give it voice is a journey in itself. 

Take a pause, a moment and watch if you are rejecting, comparmentalizing, or trying a quick fix to get out of whatever you are going through. Your pain can be a guide to what your soul is really calling for. Otherwise, most of what I see as a therapist is slapping band aides on and rejecting. 

We heal through love and learning what love is. Not rejection.

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