Are you Dragging or Reviving? A Confession...

covid pandemic self-care Jan 17, 2022

I have a confession. This pandemic has kicked my ass in a variety of ways. I remember coming out of the gate, when we had our first lockdown, working out, taking multiple walks during the day, painting, organizing, and having a fantasy that I was going to up-level my whole life.

Well, about midway through, after numerous sad events (my daughter watching her senior year go down the tubes, trips canceled, plans canceled, not being able to see family and friends, covid not going away, and seeing people get sick, etc.) it started to get to me. I was also working with people going through the same thing trying to figure out to navigate all of this.

My motivation and inspiration felt like a slow leak. I needed a wake-up call. So I decided to lovingly kick my own ass. Taking one little step at a time to revive myself. I wasn’t about to let the pandemic drag me down day after day, month after month, and now, 2 years later.

There are things that can help you thrive. I have watched and studied closely those things that will make you sink and those that will help you revive again.
In the next weeks, I am going to be sending out a mini 3-part series about some of the things that can help bring some oxygen back to your soul and your body.

However, a little tip… don’t try to take on everything at once as people do for New Year. That’s self-sabotage. I know we want all the things RIGHT NOW. But take on 1 thing and until that is fully a habit, don’t take on something else. Our willpower has a certain bandwidth and if overloaded it will shut down. Just 1 thing. One step.

What is the one thing that you can take a step forward to integrate into your life?


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