Life can be a wild rollercoaster. If we had been given a map at the beginning of life our navigation wouldn't be so hard. We deal with life's challenges and stressors every day and don't get much of a compass. Relationships, stress, families, work environments, difficult emotions, as well as loss and grief are only a part of what we are challenged by.

But I've got you. I'm like your emotional intelligence personal trainer. We all need psychological fitness and EQ to give us resiliance, strength, and wisdom to navigate life. I'm here for you.

Beginning with Perry’s degree in Clinical Psychotherapy, with 32 years of experience, she has integrated into her practice, teaching, and coaching groups the best of traditional, progressive, and alternative psychological knowledge (neuroscience, somatic, expressive arts, eastern and western psychologies). She has traveled and studied personal growth around the world and is a passionate advocate for women’s health.  Her background includes Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University and LIOS/Bastyr, and extensive teaching/consulting/coaching backgrounds including Microsoft, Amazon, Nordstrom, Boeing, Authentic Living Institute, hospitals, community-based programs, schools, and corporations.

Perry is a writer and has been columnist, international bestselling author, radio host, as well as a wife, mom, and health nut. She loves chocolate, dogs, being an artist and approaches life with sass and spice.