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Hi, I'm Perry!

I have used this practice for years and as a  psychotherapist and educator for 32 years, I have taught hundreds of my clients and seen amazing results.


Benefits of this Practice:

 ✔ Unwinding the stress in your body and organs.

âś” Shifts the focus of stressors to inner relaxation and more beneficial concentration.

âś” Tool for more inner equilibrium to your life, work, and relationships.

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Does this Sound Familiar?

Most women are running around with their hair on fire, overwhelmed with all the things, and struggling with stress, high cortisol levels (which affects our sleep, hormones, mood) and trying to keep things in some kind of juggling balance. We weren’t taught how to really navigate life and its rollercoaster path and then give ourselves a hard time about how we are handling it.


We weren’t taught that there is a way to have optimal psychological health, that it should be the top priority, let alone how to have it.


Stress affects our sleep, relationships, quality of work, how we eat, and how we see the world. We can get stuck in stress states. But you can not only deal with this now but you can reverse stress damage from the past. One study showed that people in their 50’s who meditated 15 minutes a day reversed the impact of stress on the brain to brain scans resembling people in their 20’s. Stress is the number 1 component of physical disease, poor mental health, and quality of life. But Change Needs to not be put off. Your mind and body need attending to now. 

Stress and Overwhelm affect:

–Your physical well-being - (headaches, contraction through the body-neck, shoulders etc-, cortisol levels, hormones, sleep, blood pressure, immune system, heart disease…just to name a few.
–Your psychological well-being - (depression, anxiety, panic, emotional eating or no appetite, burnout etc.)

Are you ready to practice 1 thing to help your whole well-being? Let’s give it a try!

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What my clients are saying

Perry is so passionate about the health and well-being!

Brigitte Benge

"Perry gives me a whole new perspective and way of dealing with the challenges of life. She explains things clearly and teaches me things I wished I had learned when I was a kid. Perry is helping me change my relationship with myself and a healthier one with others. I understand so much more about EQ and why we need it so badly and have integrated things she has taught me and it has been a game changer. Perry is so passionate about the health and well-being of others and I can’t say enough about her courses."


"Perry not only helped me get my physical and psychological health on track but she challenged and helped me find my passion, my resilence, and my strength again. She helped me develop a toolbox of ways to deal with and break through difficult emotions, stuck patterns, and anxiety issues that I will use forever. I wish I had been taught these tools a long time ago. I felt so lost after my kids left and now I feel like I have myself and purpose  back again.  I am and will be forever grateful!." 

Rebecca F.

"I’ve recommended many people to Perry and will continue to do so. Perry has helped me work through life experiences that I never thought I could get through and also helped me become the kind of person I never knew I could be. Perry is compassionate, really listens, and also asks a lot of questions, and challenges me when necessary. I very much appreciate this. I needed someone who would have a dialogue with me, challenge me help me work through my feelings. Perry has done this & I'm forever grateful." 

Hello Brilliant Women!

I am so excited you are here. As a psychotherapist for 32 years, a mom, wife, women’s advocate, I have seen women running around trying to do All The Things. We have been given the message that we can do it all. But doing it all can burn us out and overwhelm our lives. They forgot the message that we need to truly take care of our bodies, our Self, and our minds and that is the priority first. Our well-being will determine what we can or want to do. Making the Best decisions for our lives does not come from burnout, stress, and beating ourselves up for not being able to handle it all. It comes from taking action for our emotional, psychological and physical health.

I know. My life has revolved around women’s health. Personally, I know what it is like to try to do everything and do it well. I have been an intense advocate for women’s psychological well-being for decades because I work with women everyday on the systems that are burning them out. It is time to stop the madness and time to start putting your healthcare as a priority.

Don’t wait for the crisis.


I'm In!

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