You are a Divine Spark and Full of Potential

You are a Divine Spark.  Yeah, I know you may have heard something like this before and are may be tuning it out. All that stuff about realizing your potential, thinking out of the box, and finding your bliss can sound like the Charlie Brown teacher say wah wah wah wah in the midst of the craziness of life.  The amount of life coaches and cheerleaders trying to wake everyone up is like Starbucks in Seattle. We are everywhere.  So why listen to this?

While there are many people who are alive and living more and more of their potential, a large portion are not.  I see all around me how we block, numb, anesthetize, compartmentalize, reject, tune out, stuff, swallow, distract, judge, compare, psychologize, sedate, and work ourselves to the point we can’t really see, hear, taste, smell, sense, experience, or express who we really are. Or we think we can enjoy life when we retire or on the weekends. Scary.  I heard a quote from a Carlos Castaneda book...

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