You are a Divine Spark and Full of Potential

You are a Divine Spark.  Yeah, I know you may have heard something like this before and are may be tuning it out. All that stuff about realizing your potential, thinking out of the box, and finding your bliss can sound like the Charlie Brown teacher say wah wah wah wah in the midst of the craziness of life.  The amount of life coaches and cheerleaders trying to wake everyone up is like Starbucks in Seattle. We are everywhere.  So why listen to this?

While there are many people who are alive and living more and more of their potential, a large portion are not.  I see all around me how we block, numb, anesthetize, compartmentalize, reject, tune out, stuff, swallow, distract, judge, compare, psychologize, sedate, and work ourselves to the point we can’t really see, hear, taste, smell, sense, experience, or express who we really are. Or we think we can enjoy life when we retire or on the weekends. Scary.  I heard a quote from a Carlos Castaneda book saying, “The problem is we think we have plenty of time.”

I have been in personal growth as a psychotherapist and coach for decades.  More personally it has been a passion of a lifetime. From the experiences of my childhood, I had a thirst for healing, growth, and an urgent prompting that there was something “more” than the traditional way of life.  At different junctures in my growth, I see how I have I held back and how I have created a life that remained “safe” and wouldn't challenge me to fully let the peeling of my soul be exposed and expressed in broad daylight. But my innate Divine quest and my profession have demanded that I grow.  

So why listen to yet another personal growth specialist?  I want to tell you that there is a spark of light that is you. I know this with every fiber of my being. I have sat before hundreds of people as a therapist and in every person; I have truly seen that each of them has a spark of expression that this planet is screaming for.  The planet is starving for your brilliance, creativity, conscience, and radiant intelligence.  Through the fog of our challenges, suffering, history, and numbing there is a way to access and remember who you truly are.

If you really tuned into your brilliance that’s screaming to be expressed you might miss all the cute kitten videos on social media that call your attention for hours, or someone might have posted something on social media about what they had for breakfast and you might miss it, or you might miss someone from The Real Housewives pulling out their stitches or hair extensions in a riveting cat fight. Damn, who wants to miss that? I personally can vouch for how entrancing the kitten videos are. 

But then something tries to whisper to us again like a craving for sugar, a calling disguised as loneliness, insomnia, anxiety, or a sense of needing to “do” something. There is something in you longing and craving to be expressed!

Are you ready to listen to that voice in you?


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