Perry Janssen

Many women feel like they should be able to handle everything and do it all on their own. This is a myth. 

Not only that, but this approach can have a significant price on your body, emotions, and quality of life.

You don’t have to do it alone. Many studies show that the less isolated you are, the better the quality and length of life you will have.

As a licensed psychotherapist, personal development coach, mother, artist, and speaker, I have listened to hundreds of women over 30 years, and the one thing I will say is that life can be messy and a wild ride. 

Women go through so many phases and can feel like they are the only one facing these challenges; raising children, empty-nesting, feelings all over the map, relationship issues, peri-menopause / menopause, regrets, body changes, PMS, longing for new purpose or reinvigorating a passion project, and more.

I know when raising children, my first hot flash, my first kid leaving for college, (I sobbed so hard I thought I my veins would explode) and my emotions feeling like a kite’s tail in a windstorm, that the love and support of a community, the tools I gathered throughout the years, guidance, finding my passion, as well as helping others get through these changes have helped me navigate these challenges successfully. 

"When I initially called Perry I was feeling down on myself, worried that I was not doing a good enough job as a mom and wife and I was really needing some support in figuring out the next phase of my life.  Perry provided that in spades. In working with Perry, I am better able to see my inner critic, and I am better able to deal with my feelings without repressing or judging them but move through them. I experience so much more joy and a new purpose now. She shifted my life."

J. S.

As a columnist, therapist, artist, and radio host, I’ve successfully guided women through many seasons of life, giving them skills from progressive psychologies, brain science, nutrition/yoga background, to navigate this emotional/physical terrain and feeling vitally and creatively alive with inner well-being.  Expert guidance, support, community, creativity, and humor makes all the difference. I am intensely passionate about helping women find their superpower, zest, and passion. You can discover a new sense of inner peace, physical health, and how to express your unique gifts fully.

Through midlife you may feel anxious, lost, grief, longing to know what is next, or regretful. You may be numbing out with food, cocktails, screens, etc. with physical changes, trying to deal with a range of emotions and finding new purpose. I help reinvent midlife to be juicy, meaningful, radiantly healthy, creative and give you skills to deal with these feelings . You'll feel supported, with reignited passions and renewed purpose.


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